Folklore of the Norse and Irish

From Leprechauns to an International Folk Festival, Kevin Woods whose vision of eventually bringing The World Folk Festival to Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula came a step closer this week.

Woods is the author of the “The Last Leprechauns of Ireland” and Ireland’s last Leprechaun Whisperer (one who communicates with the spirits of the 236 Leprechauns on Carlingford mountain), welcomed 14 Norwegians to Carlingford for 6 days to discuss and share the folklore heritage of each country with a view to building a nucleus of contacts to help secure the world congress.
This group will actively promote his book in Norway by overseeing its translation into Norwegian.
Their tour was organised by Carlingford and Mourne Region Ltd and included tours to Newgrange and Belfast, walking tours of the Cooley mountain’s, a visit to the Martins of Riverstown for whiskey sampling with a talk on distilling by Eddie Marmion, followed by  shopping in the Marshes.
Kevin brought them on a tour of the peninsula sharing the 14 stories he is developing on the Folklore Park beside his home, a visit to the magic hill in Jenkinstown, lunch at the Long Woman’s Grave, a visit to the Fairy tree, where the  of the story of “The Black Crow of Omeath” has its origins. They moved on then to bog above Omeath where there were more stories about Will O The Wisp and the origin of Irish bogs. Then on to Clontygora  and the Court Tomb stretching back 3500 years.
They loved Carlingford and the stories, the food was great and they loved the craic and music in the pubs. They had never been to Ireland before; they love Leprechauns, especially when they heard that the Leprechauns had been to Norway 50 million years ago(before Ireland became an island) where they encountered Trolls. They captured two of them tied them up and the sunlight turned them to stone.
They say they can’t wait to come back. They say that Louth is the Land of Legends.

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