Ever wondered why your energy costs were so high?

As the price of oil, gas and electricity seems to only ever increase, it seems that the best way of reducing energy bills is to decrease the amount of energy we use. Unfortunately most of us don’t really understand how to do that. Thankfully help is at hand. On Thursday 16th May Dr John Loane will be talking about some of the Energy Monitoring research taking place at CASALA, in the Netwell Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT).

Dr Loane told us that “Energy use is something of interest to us all and here in Dundalk and we have an exciting research project the Community Energy Monitoring System, which is designed to get an understanding on how energy is used across Dundalk.”

John is a mathematician and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his work in Dundalk.  He and his colleagues are using state of the art technology including wired and wireless sensors to gather real-time electricity, gas, temperature and humidity from a range of buildings including O’Fiaich College, 16 apartments in Great Northern Haven and 11 homes in Muirhevena Mór.

Dr Loane said “The information being collected in people’s homes and other buildings is transmitted automatically to CASALA. We use that information to calculate daily and hourly usage, which is shared with each individual through a web application.” 

Jim Baxter is one of the local people taking part in the study and he explained “it is fascinating with the monitor we can see exactly how much electricity we are using. It has helped us understand which appliances use most and we don’t leave anything on standby.”

Andrew MacFarlane Director of CASALA explained “the community energy project is very important for the people of Dundalk, and across Ireland. Fuel poverty is a very real issue for many people in Ireland and here at CASALA we are using technology to try and find ways to alleviate that burden. John’s research is typical of the sort of thing we do. In CASALA we use state of the art technology to find easy to use solutions for everyday problems.”

If you would like to learn more or interested in learning more about energy uses join Dr Loane and the team on May 16th at 1:15pm in the Netwell Centre, in the PJ Carroll Building, DKIT.

The seminar is free of charge – tea, coffee and biscuits will be available from 1pm. People attending the seminars can avail of free parking courtesy of the The Crowne Plaza hotel.

For further information or to register for any of the events please contact  Karen Doherty

Email karen.doherty@netwellcentre.org Telephone: 042 937 0497

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