9dots PR has re-branded as PROVEN

To celebrate two years in business, 9dots PR has today announced a new name – PROVEN and unveiled a new brand identity for the agency. A new website, reflecting the new brand, has also launched atwww.proven.pr.ie and an iPhone/iPad app will be available soon to download from iTunes, making PROVEN the first PR business in Ireland to launch an app.

PROVEN, which was founded in December 2009 during the toughest economic times, has grown successfully on referrals and maintained a relatively low profile over the past two years. “Getting on with the job, responding to client needs and then developing new business leads have all contributed to that,” according to Roisin Duffy, founder and managing director.

“It was a risk. There’s no question about it. But I kept my head down not really knowing where it was going. I had left a permanent job to set up my business so I really was in completely unknown territory. I didn’t have an official launch or any real supporting finance but I believed in the business. The first quarter started off quiet but by Q2 of the first year it was growing steadily and by Q2 of the second year it was thriving and I even employed.

It has been an insight and good experience to see business owners – SME’s in particular coming forward and investing in themselves in order to remain in business, at a time when cash flow was and still is a challenge. Despite the doom and gloom there is so much talent on the island of Ireland with great innovation happening. Our job at PROVEN is to get across the good news stories and help to grow our clients businesses, relationships and reputations using effective methods of business communication, all to pre-agreed objectives and on controlled budgets.”

Roisin first set up the business in Dundalk and opened an office on Francis Street. With a decade of international media and PR experience behind her she was confident in her ability to deliver for clients and grow the business. One of her specialisms and one that is close to her heart is working North as well as South on the island of Ireland.

Born in Co. Armagh, she grew up in Co. Louth and has close family ties cross-border. During her professional career she lived and worked in Northern Ireland for 3 years and says she gained valuable experience working across different sectors and communities that now enables her to provide a unique offering to her base of existing and new clients. Due to business growth in the past six months, Roisin has expanded the business internationally and moved her Dundalk office to Dublin. She now has specialist consultants across Ireland, the UK, Europe and America as part of her team and says the business is on course for further growth in the coming year. PROVEN continues to work with businesses and organisations in Louth and neighbouring counties.

“This is the right time for the re-brand and we are very pleased, proud and excited to launch PROVEN. The new name gives us gravitas and truly reflects who we are. PROVEN embodies the values we have and that we bring to our work. Times are tough. But it’s in tough times that we are tested and where we get to prove things to ourselves that, in many ways and on many levels, really surprises us. We have no doubt that we will continue to be tested and hopefully rise to the challenges that will face us and our clients businesses as we move into 2012,” said Roisin.

The PROVEN culture is defined by three core principles that make the agency the business that it is and they are: Extreme Professionalism, Confidence and Motivationalism.

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