St. Patrick’s Day missions support Ireland’s global economic and diplomatic footprint

Chambers Ireland welcomes yesterday’s announcement of the renewed St. Patrick’s Day ministerial missions.

Speaking yesterday, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said, “In these uncertain times, it is vital that Ireland returns to being an outward-looking nation. We must actively seek to build upon the work of previous Governments in promoting Ireland abroad, both as a place to invest in and do business with.

“Ireland’s global footprint must continue to grow larger; these trips are an excellent opportunity to engage in economic diplomacy.

“With inflation impacting every household, it is vital that we broaden our access to international supply chains which will ensure that our businesses and our homes will have access to the goods and services we need.

“The global awareness and familiarity with St. Patrick’s Day presents Ireland with a unique opportunity to promote our country.

“We welcome this vital work from Government both this year and in the future.”