New cost effective Health and Safety service launched for employers

The Northeast’s leading Health and Safety specialist, Safety-Link Consulting has launched a new cost effective Competent Safety Advisor service to help protect employers and ensure greater safety across all workplaces.

With extensive knowledge of the Safety industry in Ireland and the UK, Safety-Link Consulting has amalgamated all of its services and created four Competent Safety Advisor packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Each package offers on-going safety advise and clients can choose from a range of supports such as regular onsite visits, safety audits, accident reports through to the implementation of full safety management systems.

“The key benefit of our service is that employers can significantly reduce their overheads by not having to employ a full-time health and safety officer,” said Martin Denny, managing director, Safety-Link Consulting.

“Instead, employers outsource their safety requirements yet have the same reassurance and expert help and advice when needed.

Safety in the workplace is paramount for employers and health and safety laws require employers to adhere to strict regulations. In current times, employers need to achieve this at an affordable cost and receive value for money.”

Safety-Link Consulting completes all inspections and assessments using its own health and safety apps. Users can add images and access any previous inspections right on the spot from an iPad or smartphone and create an instant report that can be sent to management before the safety advisor leaves a site.

According to Denny, making smart use of advances in technology to enable better processes in the safety industry makes for a more efficient onsite safety task to be carried out and also helps deliver services at a cheaper rate to businesses and organisations, compared to traditional paper methods.

“Carrying out safety checks via iPad and smartphones gives our clients greater speed, accuracy and efficiency, thus provides more cost efficiencies overall,” added Denny. “Less admin time is required and more secure reporting techniques means less errors.

Our experience and service offering outsourced safety advice coupled with the use of our new safety apps is a two pronged approach and ultimately offers better safety, better services and better results at more affordable prices.”

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