Post Budget meeting with Minister

Michael Gaynor and Paddy Malone met with Minister for Finance last week after the Budget in Drogheda.

While Dundalk Chamber welcomed the Budget in general, we did voice our concerns on several matters. Michael raised the matter of cross border shopping with reference to the fall of sterling while also seeing the VAT rate on hospitality revert to 13.5% from the existing 9% next February. The Minister was very direct in stating that the change had been temporary due to Covid and the Government would not change their mind on this.

Paddy raised the issue of the Living City initiative not being extended to the growth towns specified in the National Development Plan.

He pointed out that the National Plan and taxation should align. We did welcome the increase in the Shop Local amount which employers can give from €500 to €1,000 in either one or two lots.

As Dundalk Chambers Shop Local has had sales of over €1,000,000 for the last number of years, we are looking forward to a good Christmas retail trade. The Minister thanked us for our comments and confirmed that he would listen to the concerns of the SME.

Senator John McGahon, Minister Pascal Donohoe and Michael Gaynor with Paddy Malone of Dundalk Chamber