Results of rough sleepers count in north east to shape service delivery

Louth County Council will again lead the now annual count of rough sleepers in the north east – comprising counties Louth, Cavan and Monaghan – in the early hours of Wednesday morning (Nov 12).

The count will commence at midnight and see teams visit locations where it is believed – based on precedent or current information – that there may be people sleeping rough.

Any member of the public who is aware of someone sleeping rough or locations where they believe this to be occurring is asked to email before the survey gets underway so that these sites can be surveyed.

The aim of the count, which forms part of a national initiative, is to allow local authorities and other agencies to develop appropriate supports to encourage those sleeping rough to engage and move into more stable, longer-term accommodation.

Joe McGuinness, Director of Services, Louth County Council and chair of the North East Regional Consultative Forum on Homelessness, said: “It is important to have an accurate picture to inform our planning for emergency accommodation and support services. This week’s count will allow us to better coordinate services and use resources to greatest effect.

“There is a very specific definition of rough sleeping so it excludes those in hostel or other short-term accommodation. Our specific interest for the count in the early hours of Wednesday morning is to accurately track the number of people sleeping outside or in buildings, vehicles or structures not designed for human habitation.”