Talk on Climate Change

Green Campus DkIT is pleased to have Trócaire’s on campus on 13th of Oct. As part of their on going work on climate change Trocaire are launching the second phase of a climate change campaign.  This campaign will continue to focus on Ireland and the EU’s engagement in the international negotiations for a fair, ambitious and binding global agreement.  A strong focus of this campaign will also be on campaigning for domestic climate legislation in Ireland. We believe Trócaire and our supporters have much to learn from our Kenyan partners in this regard. Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of extreme cyclical weather events in Kenya such as drought and flooding.  People living in poverty in rural areas are worst hit by the impacts. In Kenya, Trócaire supported the establishment in 2009 of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group, a forum which brings together representatives from local organisations, government  and parliamentarians.  Among the core objectives of the Working Group was to promote a law for climate action in Kenyaand national policies that support climate justice for all, in particular the most vulnerable. Between 2010-2011, the Working Group drew up a draft Climate Bill. Once enacted the law will ensure that climate change is included in all government ministries and reflected in budgetary planning.  As a particularly vulnerable country that has contributed virtually nothing to climate change, adaptation to climate change is rightly the priority for Kenya.  Nevertheless the bill also focuses on reducing pollution and improving environmental conservation.

Speakers will provide insights into:

i)  the impacts of climate change in Kenya (also the region/continent if appropriate), and
ii) to share their experiences in public and political processes towards securing a law for climate action in Kenya, in order to inspire and motivate both politicians and the public in Ireland to press for domestic and international climate action here at home.

Speaker Profiles

  • Mr John Kioli Kalua

John is the Executive Director of the Green Africa Foundation, an African organisation that spans the continent.  Established in 2000, the Foundation focuses on a hands-on approach to capacity development of African communities using education, partnership and technology. The Foundation promotes environmentally friendly economic and social practices, food security initiatives and sustainable natural resource management for the alleviation of poverty.  It engages local groups in activities geared at enhancing peace, good health and ethics as an entry point for sustainable development, and works to enhance policy dialogue in relation to environment challenges. John is also the Convenor of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group, where he is also the focal point for the Strengthening Climate Resilience programme. John has been attending the annual United Nations climate change conferences since 1996.

  • Mrs Cecilia Kibe Muthoni

Cecilia is among the senior executive staff of the Kenya Climate Justice Women Champions (KCJWC). KCJWC is a network for advocacy on gender and climate justice in Kenya. The driving force of the network is the realisation that women are faced by a situation where their ability to adapt is low due to a number of pre‐existing factors, while the share of the adaptation burden falls disproportionately on them. The KCJWC works with civil society and the government to develop strategies to enhance women’s capacities and resilience to climate change, including advocacy for greater participation of women and gender mainstreaming in climate change processes and action.  Cecilia is also the Convenor of the Conflicts over Natural Resources and Gender Group in the Kenya Climate Change Working Group.

  • The Kenya Climate Change Working Group and the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

The Green Africa Foundation, the Kenya Women Climate Justice Champions are members of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group and of the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA). The Kenya Climate Change Working Group was founded in 2009 and brings together a cross section of stakeholders from civil society, government representatives, parliamentarians and partner organisations working on climate change and for climate justice in Kenya. The Working Group is a forum for creating synergies, harmonising and strengthening efforts in the design and implementation of activities that address climate change, lobbying and advocating for favorable national policies in the promotion of climate justice for all, especially the most vulnerable.  Among the objectives of the Working Group was to promote a legislative and policy framework for climate action in Kenya. John and Cecilia have been closely involved in the development and popularisation of Kenya’s Climate Change Bill. PACJA is a coalition of 300 non-governmental organisations, foundations, trusts, community-based organisations, faith-based networks, national coalitions and regional networks from 45 countries in Africa brought together by common goal of promoting and advocating for climate-friendly and equity-based development. The coalition works to enhance and unify civil society efforts on climate change advocacy and coordination in Africa, with a focus on pro-poor and people-centred responses to climate change at the African and international levels.  Cecilia and John are PACJA representatives at UN climate change conferences