Proposed Newry Dundalk Economic Zone

Dundalk Chamber of Commerce met with Minister Costello, to discuss the proposed Newry Dundalk economic zone. Edel O’Mahony of Louth County also attended.

Paddy Malone emphasised that the region, including all Louth, met the three conditions identified in the Bradley report, (1)population, (2)existing business and infrastructure and (3) institutional support. The latter has been met with the Memorandum of Understanding between the two Authorities.

Paddy identified the fact that we would be taking over the European Presidency on 1st January as an ideal opportunity to place this on the European agenda.

Deputy Nash stated that it was apparent that the local authorities, state agencies and Chambers were working together and leading the way with regards to cross-border co-operation.  He felt that National Policy was lagging behind and needed to catch up.

Minister Costello commended the work done to date and asked the North South Ministerial Secretariat to meet with the Chamber and others to discuss the matter further. He said that any movement would require a multi department approach, including Finance, Environment , Tourism and Jobs.


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