Dundalk Chamber Budget Submission

The primary focus of Budget 2022 now 23 must be to regain the economic momentum lost by Covid and Brexit. Business needs certainty and a clearly defined roadmap into the medium and long term. Business had been aware for some time of Brexit and the various State organisations were available throughout 2019 and 2020 offering advise both before and after the formal departure of the UK. The border economy received a hard-fought win with the adoption of the Northern Ireland protocol in December 2019. While this has given stability to North South trade it does not solve the east west position, particularly between GB and NI.

Covid on the other hand was a shock to Irish business and has had long term impacts in many areas, including retail; remote working and social interaction.

We support/propose:

  • No increase in vat or excise without reference to Northern Ireland
  • Specific supports to families and SME re “temporary” energy crisis
  • Encouragement to private rental sector
  • Rent a room (Diggs for students) relief to be expanded
  • Living City initiative expanded to all identified growth cities in 2040National Development Plan
  • Offshore wind supports
  • Tax structure to be permanently reformed re mobile/ working from home including employees in Northern Ireland working for Southern companies
  • Expansion of the €500 voucher scheme to twice a year
  • Greater commitment to BIK incentives re electric vehicles
  • Expansion of the 20% rate rather than a new 30% tier

Please see the attached document for our full submission as well as the Chambers Ireland 2023 Submission.