Chambers Ireland Submission to the CRU on the Electricity Network Tariffs 2022/23

Following the publication of the Chambers Ireland Submission to the CRU regarding Network Tariff proposals, Chambers Ireland Head of Policy, Shane Conneely said: “The current ‘blame game’ is not useful – it is wider society, and the business community in particular, that is likely to bear the consequences of past strategic errors.

“With such a widespread, externally induced, price shock hitting our economy it is likely that the impact on the business sector, particularly the domestic business sector, will be pronounced.

“The impact will not be flatly distributed, and many sectors – particularly those with a large labour component of production – are vulnerable to sudden price shocks and are likely to be strongly affected.

“If the wider economy is to weather the storm and adjust to the new energy price climate, then the most vulnerable need to be protected while those best able to carry the burden will need to bear the brunt.

“The proposed policy suite is seen as being punitive, it undermines the solidarity that will be needed if we are to mitigate the worst effects on our society and our economy.”

You can view the full submission attached.