Chambers Ireland Submission to the CRU for the Offshore Connection Policy

Chambers Ireland have submitted a response to the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities for the Offshore Connection Policy – Phase 1 Projects Consultation.

The development of our offshore renewable energy industry is one of the greatest economic opportunities for our country since we joined the European Economic Community.

If we are ambitious with our offshore renewable energy plans, Ireland can become energy self-sufficient in the first instance, but it will also allow us to export excess energy to the European grid and the opportunity to take a prominent position in nascent industries, such as deep-sea offshore windfarm construction, as well as allowing us to be first movers in the skills intensive offshore platform industry.

In our submission, we draw attention to the need to include hybrid plants in Phase 1. We have consistently stressed our concern that current plans will not afford us the capacity to produce sufficient Offshore Renewable Energy to meet our 2030 emissions targets. Hybrid plants offer us a way to help achieve those targets.

The full submission is attached.