Claire Byrne Live audience members needed

Claire Byrne Live the new current affairs programme on a Monday nights on RTE. On March 9th there will be a major documentary at 9.35pm about rural Ireland and the challenges towns and villages face to survive.

Afterwards, Claire will be holding a major discussion about the future of rural Ireland along a few key themes:

  • Is the Government doing enough in terms of investment in infrastructure and industry?
  • Is there a way to stop the movement of young people out of rural areas? What about rural isolation among older people and the breakdown of traditional support structures?
  • Is it feasible to support a rural/ urban balance or should we embrace the tide of urbanisation?
  • What does the future hold for those who want to live and work in rural Ireland?

This will be a wide-ranging discussion with a panel of guests who feel passionately about the issues as well as contributions from our live studio audience. You can submit comments to the programme by calling (01) 2083494 or you can email Note that talk time cannot be guaranteed.

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