Look for Local This Christmas, Look for Louth

As the festive season approaches, Local Enterprise Office Louth are urging the business community to get on board the campaign to “Look for Local, Look for Louth.”

Sarah Mallon from Local Enterprise Office Louth explains “We’re reminding local people how important it is to choose to shop local. We’re promoting the message on social media and advertising it in newspapers, radio and online. We’re running competitions with shop local prizes to highlight and showcase the benefits of shopping local. We’re also encouraging people to “search local” when shopping online, to keep online spend in our local economy.”

Will you help us to amplify this message by including #LookForLouth in your social posts?

Focusing on the economic benefits, Sarah continues: “As we all know, every local purchase directly impacts our community’s economic health. It sustains jobs, encourages new businesses to start-up, and adds to the overall vibrancy of towns and villages across Louth. Local businesses are the heartbeat of our community and it’s so important that we support and champion each other.

Sarah concludes: “At the Local Enterprise Office Louth, we’re all about supporting the growth of local businesses. That’s why we encourage everyone to visit www.localenterprise.ie/Louth to kickstart their Christmas shopping. Explore a vast selection of local shops, gifts, crafts, home and garden, food, fashion, and more, right here in Louth. If you’d like to see your business on our webpage, email your company name, web address and the category your business belongs in to tradingonline@leo.louthcoco.ie. We’re proud to host the Look for Local, Look for Louth campaign, reminding locals that thoughtful shopping choices have a positive impact on local business, both at Christmas and throughout the year. We invite you to join us in sharing that message with your community,”