Anord Mardix to Double Dundalk Operations

Anord Mardix, a global leader in critical power distribution and protection solutions, announces a substantial €27 million investment to expand its operations in Dundalk. The strategic move is expected to double Anord Mardix’s footprint in the region and create 200 new job opportunities.

This investment in Dundalk reflects the town’s business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and strategic location at the centre of the M1 Corridor. This expansion aligns with the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and contributing to local economic growth.

The €27 million investment will not only fuel the expansion of Anord Mardix’s operations but will also play a pivotal role in boosting the local economy and creating sustainable employment opportunities. The 200 new positions will encompass a range of roles, including skilled engineering, technical, and administrative positions.

Dundalk Chamber President, Una McGoey, expressed enthusiasm for the announcement, stating, “Dundalk Chamber congratulates Anord Mardix on this significant expansion. This investment demonstrates the town’s appeal for global industry leaders, and we are thrilled to witness the positive impact it will have on our local workforce and economy.”

Anord Mardix has a strong history of innovation and excellence in providing critical power solutions worldwide. The company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement aligns seamlessly with Dundalk Chamber’s mission to foster economic development and collaboration within the region of the M1 Corridor.