Free App and Web Development Workshop

Are you a non-technical founder building a tech start-up? We hear you!

Startup Creator invites you to our free App and Web Development Workshop where you can learn more about the app and web development, and get insight into a collection of expert ideas, resources, and strategies designed to pack your brain with the know-how to help you to break into the app and web development business quickly.

16th October 10 AM – 18 PM at Regional Development Centre, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk, Ireland

During the interactive workshop, you will be introduced to the process of:

  • Developing a MVP
  • Building a technical team
  • Preparing to Lift-off

The facilitators for the day are John Wade and Florian Hübner of Startup Creator ( with offices in Dublin, Munich and Chandigarh, India. Startup Creator aims to increase the start-up success rate from 10% to 90% and become the leading Tech-Accelerator in Europe.

After the workshop, there will be one to one clinics for anyone wishing to discuss their project in a more confidential setting.

Pre-registration is required to guarantee participation because there are limited seats. Reserve your free ticket here.

100% guarantee you’ll be glad you attended!