Chambers Ireland Submission to the CRU on the Irish Water RC3 Review Consultation

Chambers Ireland have submitted a response to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities

The Commission’s review of the Irish Water RC3 is timely. Our members throughout the country are extremely concerned that delays in the upgrading of water infrastructure is both preventing the expansion of existing businesses, and the development of new ones. For our members, one of the greatest issues that they experience while operating their businesses is with the onboarding and retention of staff because of their difficulties in securing adequate and affordable housing. The development of Irish Water infrastructure is a key part of expanding housing supply.

State bodies need to be leaders in altering our infrastructure to afford individuals the opportunity to take sustainable and environmentally friendly actions. Too much of our infrastructure channels people towards unsustainable lifestyles. This is why Chambers Ireland have been so supportive of the works which Irish Water have been planning for in RC3 – unless we get these fundamental pieces of infrastructure delivered, we will not be able to make progress in many other areas.

Our full submission is attached.