Chambers Ireland welcomes publication of draft legal text of the UK Withdrawal Agreement

Chambers Ireland has welcomed the publication of the draft legal text for the Withdrawal Agreement by the European Commission last week.

Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot welcomed the progress being made by the European Commission in advancing the exit negotiations with the United Kingdom.

“Ensuring that there will be no hard border or obstacles to doing business on the island is not only a priority for Government, but also the Irish business community. Over the past twenty years, actively encouraged by the EU, UK and Irish governments, great advances have been made in building a vibrant cross-border economy which has enhanced the development of the region.

The proposals outlined in the draft Withdrawal Agreement will allay the concerns of business operating cross border with regard to how regulation, supply chains, transport and trade will operate following the UK’s exit of the European Union.”

“However, the Border issue is only one side of the coin. The priority must be to move forward and identify solutions that obviate the need for the ‘backstop’ measure of Option C.

An ambitious trade-friendly relationship between the EU and UK is of deep importance to Irish businesses. However, we can only have these discussions once a Withdrawal Agreement is in place.

We call on both negotiating teams to reflect on their December commitments and engage realistically to move this process forward.”