Carlingford and Cooley Residents show great support for Tourism

The results of a recent Resident Survey carried out as part of the ongoing DIT-ACHIEV Project show that residents have a very positive attitude towards visitors to the Carlingford and Cooley area.

In recent months 482 residents of the Carlingford and Cooley area completed questionnaires for this survey and the findings are highly positive. Results show that residents feel tourism is a positive force in improving the quality of leisure and recreation facilities, encouraging participation in local cultural activities while also leading to the improved appearance of public places. One respondent stated that tourists ‘make a positive contribution to the local economy and it is only right that we share our beautiful area!’

Local awareness of amenities is heightened when residents see visitors arrive to experience the beauty of the area. The hospitality and friendliness of locals adds to the visitor’s overall experience so it is important that the residents are involved in the local tourism industry to ensure that it will continue to grow. As well as developing tourism in the area, residents also show a great deal of enthusiasm towards learning about other cultures and interacting with the tourists, valuing new ideas and friendships resulting from tourists coming to Carlingford & Cooley Peninsula.

Read the full press release here. A summary of the survey can be downloaded here.