Innovation Vouchers

Innovation vouchers allow you to engage with a 3rd Level Institution to gain assistance in overcoming roadblocks to growing or developing your business.

This Enterprise Ireland funded programme can grant a €5,000 voucher to a qualifying project which can be redeemed at any 3rd Level Institution in Ireland. This is an excellent way in which to begin an engagement process with Ireland’s 3rd Level Institutions.

Companies can access expertise and resources to develop new and improve products, processes, services and generate new knowledge and know-how. The participating company benefits in terms of its growth, evolution of its strategic research & development and the creation of new knowledge that it can use to generate commercial advantage.

DkIT is currently assisting companies in application writing and registering for this call and if you would like to receive more information on the Innovation Voucher initiative, please contact DkIT by emailing Neil McLoughlin at or visit Enterprise Ireland website for more details. Please note you do not have to be a client of Enterprise Ireland, nor have an Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser, to apply for a voucher – however you do need to be a registered limited company with the CRO.

See here for more information.

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