International Red Cross, European First Aid Championship

Last year, the Irish Red Cross held the European First Aid Championship (FACE 2012) in Dundalk, County Louth. Twenty two countries from all over Europe sent teams to this event. Almost 1,000 national and international volunteers stayed in the town generating over 200,000 Euro for the local economy. 

This year FACE 2013 is being held in the town of Wells, in Upper Austria. Dundalk Red Cross won the Irish National Competition in 2012 and will now become Team Ireland and represent the Irish Red Cross, in June, at FACE 2013.

In 2000 a team from Dundalk Red Cross became the third Irish Team to win the European Championship when it was held in Switzerland. In 2010 Dundalk Red Cross finished 3rd in Belgrade.

Currently, the 6 volunteers on the team are undergoing intensive training to prepare themselves for this competition. They recently completed a training camp hosted by the Red Cross in Donegal where they stayed in fellow members homes to keep costs to a minimal. There are weekly training sessions and all of this happens after work and when their other volunteer duties are finished.

We now need to raise funds to cover the cost of travelling to Austria and also kitting out the team with the appropriate uniform and equipment.  We need your help to make this happen.  Will you please consider making a contribution to help your local Red Cross take part in this presitigous event?

I realise these are difficult times for us all. I can tell you the Irish Red Cross services are needed more than ever, while public donations fall in the opposite direction.

Any contributions will be generously acknowledged wherever possible in all PR work and publicity. I would be delighted to talk to you more about the many ways that you can get involved whilst showcasing your business and helping with this fundraising event.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please consider making a contribution to this event. Your gift will make such a difference.

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