Japanese Film Festival 2023

As part of the Japanese Film Festival 2023, An Táin Arts Centre will be showing 3 movies this Saturday 8th April.

At 2:30pm there is Fortune Favours Lady Nikuko. Brash single mother Nikuko is well-known for her bold spirit, much to the embarrassment of Kikuko, her pensive yet imaginative daughter. In contrast to her mother, Kikuko wants nothing more than to fit in as she navigates the everyday social dramas of middle school. Life in the harbour is peaceful until a shocking revelation from the past threatens to uproot the pair’s tender relationship. Book tickets here.

At 5pm, see Goodbye, Don Glees! Toto and Roma are childhood best friends who had their own special club – the ‘Don Glees’. However, the pair were separated when Toto moved away to attend high school. Returning to his hometown for the summer, Toto discovers Roma has inducted a new Don Glees member – a younger boy named Drop. When the group’s newly-purchased drone flies off course, the three boys set off on a lengthy hike to recover it. It’s a trip that will lead to some profound emotional revelations for the trio… Book tickets here.

And at 8pm, you have the unique chance to see Inu-Oh on the big screen. Set in 14th century Japan, it tells the story of two social outcasts – dancer Inu-Oh and blind biwa (lute) player Tomona – who join forces to become a revolutionary musical duo. They work together to create an exciting new musical and dramatic storytelling style that wows the public but unnerves the establishment. A visually inventive anime rock opera! Book tickets here.

Tickets are €7 each, or €12 for 2 films, or €16 for all three films (plus €1.50 booking fee per ticket).