Chamber Lobby for Small Business

Dundalk Chamber and Chambers Ireland met with Minister Hayes to express their concern over SME – (Small Medium Enterprises) not getting a fair deal with Government, Semi State and Local Authority contracts.

Paddy Malone, Minister Brian Hays and Ian Talbot Chambers Ireland

Paddy Malone was told that some Government bodies were not interpreting their instructions properly by not applying the principle of proportionality. There was flexibility in the system but not enough has been shown by officials.

What we in Dundalk Chamber wanted was a level playing field to allow local Dundalk companies tender for local contracts rather than those being awarded centrally?

We were convinced that this would reduce costs in line with Government targets. Ian Talbot of Chambers Ireland stressed that they were in agreement with the Government on the need to secure value for money on Government contracts.

The Chamber also felt that a single approach to buying everything from paper clips to a major capital project would not achieve the goal of reducing costs.


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