Cross-Border Student Enterprise Showcase Fair

The annual Dundalk Cross-Border Student Enterprise Showcase Fair will take place in the Marshes Shopping Centre on Thursday April 14th from 10.00am to 3.00pm. Student Enterprises from local secondary schools in Dundalk and Co. Louth will join with Student Enterprises from Northern Ireland to showcase to the public their entrepreneurial skills.

The event itself is spearheaded by another entrepreneurial group, a group of Transition Year Events Managers, from the Dundalk Grammar School. who with their Enterprise Teachers, are the driving force behind the day.

It is anticipated that up to 30 stalls will exhibit, and sell, on the day. One group will be running their own cafe, which will open to the public for the duration of the Fair.

Awards will be presented at 2.30pm on the day under a range of categories, to participating Enterprises, following judging of each stall.

As well as being able to view the various displays, visitors to the Marshes Shopping Centre will be able to purchase items from the from the exhibitors on the day