PayPal job losses in Dundalk below Worldwide Average

PayPal’s statement that there was to be a small number of job losses at Dundalk (27 to be exact) is less than the average, based on the 2,000 worldwide losses which PayPal had announced in January. The loss of any jobs is a difficult one for all concerned and the Chamber hopes that those affected will soon find work elsewhere.

The Chamber has established strong relationships with PayPal for many years. PayPal has proven itself to be a good neighbour and we note its commitment to continue to engage with the Chamber, football cubs and other community groups.

The concept of a major employer in the town which continues despite disposing of its physical building is difficult to comprehend, even post Covid. However, the company’s experience during and post Covid has led it to believe that remote working for its employees is a more viable option in the long term.

Paddy Malone, PRO Dundalk Chamber, notes that the payroll being earned by the remote Dundalk workers on a weekly basis will stay at approximately the same level and therefore the aftershocks normally associated with a closure will not occur.

PayPal had informed the Chamber as soon as it had briefed its staff thereby showing its continued commitment to Dundalk says the Chamber’s President Una McGoey. We look forward to deepening our relationship in the years ahead. This concept is a new challenge to all says Una. Dundalk has the fastest broadband speeds in the country allowing PayPal to operate in this way.