Dundalk has no issues when it comes to electricity, gas and water. In fact, we have an abundance of each.


The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) supplies electricity in Ireland through the National Grid System to which all generating stations in the country are connected. Dundalk has access to a 220kV power line and two 110kv lines. A tiered system of costs is available with reduced rates for off-peak usage.


Natural Gas is available in Dundalk. Bord Gais will discuss future extensions to any industrial user.


Dundalk has a surplus in its water supply at 10,000 m3 a day (i.e. 10 million litres/ 2.2 million gallons) and in its water treatment plant. Water is available through the mains supply and a mains drainage programme is complete in Dundalk and a modern secondary wastewater treatment facility is in operation. An abundance of capacity is available for industry and will meet a projected population expansion of 100%.