Cost Competiveness

By locating in Dundalk you’ll benefit from lower overheads than if you were based in the cities.  This, combined with competitive operating costs and availability of highly skilled labour, makes Dundalk extremely cost-competitive.  Furthermore, the corporate tax regime here in Ireland is the lowest in Europe and continues to provide investors with a uniquely high return on their investment. The corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%. Corporation tax is charged on the profits of a company and the country operates a classical system of company taxation.

Under this system, tax payable on corporate dividends is independent of the tax paid by the company paying the dividend and no credit is available to shareholders for tax paid at the corporate level. A company resident in Ireland for tax purposes is subject to corporation tax on its world-wide income. With some exceptions, a company incorporated in Ireland is automatically considered to be Irish tax resident. A company is also considered to be Irish tax resident if it is managed and controlled in Ireland. See the attached document for a guide to tax in Ireland.


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