SOSAD 5K Run/Jog/Walk with a Smile

Date & Time:
Date(s): 07/09/2015
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Event Details

Leaving Aura Leisure Centre, turn right towards Church, then immediately past church, turn left on pedestrian path alongside Ramparts, exit part onto ramparts road towards Tesco, through roundabout at Tesco then left at traffic lights at Lidl, recommend that we cross the road onto cycle path here, proceed on cycle path to roundabout but cross on right to join cycle path to Tom Bellew Avenue, left at traffic lights at Avenue Road/Tom Bellew Avenue junction to roundabout at Inner relief road, proceed along Inner Relief Road to turn at Oriel Body Repairs, pedestrian path at road end, turn left and cross Millennium road to cycle path and return Aura (finish line is at same location as Start).


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