Resilience for Business Owners

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Resilience for Business Owners


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Cost: FREE, but registration essential

In this talk, I will show you some of the abilities and inner tools you already have; how to use your own physiology to manage stress; and how boost your well being so that you can lead with an abundance of energy. This is a fun and practical session and you will be able to implement what you’ve learned immediately. In fact, you will have practised some of the techniques before you leave.

By the end of the talk you will know:

  • Why your well-being is a non-negotiable priority (not selfish, not an ‘if I have time…” add-on)
  • Resilience development versus other interventions.
  • Tiny habits that take seconds to implement but will boost your energy and grit immediately.
  • Astronauts’ techniques for harnessing your own physiology to keep calm, in advance and on the spot.

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Phone: 042 9336343