Menopause in the Workplace Information Session

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Menopause in the Workplace Information Session


10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Cost: FREE

Menopause is an experience shared by 50% of the population, and its impact extends beyond just those going through it. Hence, menopause isn’t solely a concern for women; it’s a societal matter. In fact, 30% of female employees in Ireland are currently grappling with menopause-related issues, making it a significant workforce challenge.

You are invited to join Loretta Dignam, the CEO & Founder of ‘The Menopause Hub,’ in our mission to break the stigma surrounding menopause, dispel misconceptions, and gather insights on how to establish a menopause-friendly workplace. This event is tailored for business owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders, menopause at work advocates, wellness at work champions, and HR professionals.

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