Learning How to Sell, Knowing When to Pitch, Selling vs Pitching

Date & Time:
Date(s): 29/09/2022
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Venue: Byrne's Pub, Hill Street, Dundalk
Cost: FREE

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The term ‘Sales Pitch’ has become ubiquitous. “You need to perfect your sales pitch” etc.

In truth, Selling and Pitching are very different things: the term ‘Sales Pitch’ is an oxymoron. To use the techniques of selling when you should be pitching will lead to some poor results: Whereas pitching when you should be selling will lead to truly disastrous results.

This session will focus on what the difference in the two is and in what circumstances they should be used. It will include:

  • The key differences in Selling and Pitching
  • The structure of a classic sales encounter
  • The core sales skills
  • When to Pitch
  • How to Pitch effectively

Guest speaker Paul Reavey started selling in 1990 and has been doing it pretty much ever since. He is the Managing Director of Brilliant Red Ltd and a Director of Brilliant Red Digital Ltd; marketing and digital marketing consultancy practices respectively, working in Ireland North and South, Scotland, England and Europe.

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