Learn the Science of Persuasion and the Art of Applying it

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Learn the Science of Persuasion and the Art of Applying it


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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Taking the core concepts from one of their digital courses and delivering it live the audience will learn not just how to memorise the principles of persuasion but also how to put them to practical use. We delve into everything from getting your other half to make you a cup of tea to ensuring that important negotiations go how you want them. The six principles are universal and the only thing stopping you implementing them in a personal or professional situation is the limitations of your imagination. This high paced and engaging talk will keep you on the edge of your seat with real world examples and techniques to ensure you spot when persuasion is being used against you.

Based on the international bestseller ‘Influence’ by Robert Cialdini

About UseBecause.com

We help newly promoted managers needing to learn behavioural skills succeed by extracting the most actionable content from expert business books and convert it into courses with built-in memory techniques and automated spaced repetition summaries. Unlike traditional in-house training, digital book summaries or the majority of solutions that deliver the content only once, our focus is on serving up the actionable content and then ensuring it is retained by the user. We then reinforce the learning through gamification and quizzes.

Kevin Redmond, founder UseBecause.com

From a qualification in Engineering from DCU to teaching Maths, Physics and study skills, Kevin has always had an interest in how we learn. Having delivered courses to over 40,000 people Kevin has hit upon a technique to ensure that learning occurs. Kevin’s new business UseBecause.com is focussed on ensuring that learners understand, remember and use the behavioural skills they learn.

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