Institutional Discrimination Webinar

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Institutional Discrimination Webinar


11:30 am - 1:00 pm

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Cost: FREE

You are invited to an extremely important webinar on Wednesday 20th October at 11.30am, finishing at 1pm. We would like to introduce the concept of Institutional Discrimination – how institutions, organisations and groups can discriminate against and deter certain groups of people, sometimes without realising it!

This is free and open to anyone in Louth who is a part of an institution, organisation or group, and would like to explore ways of building a more inclusive society for everyone.

The following questions will be addressed during the webinar.

  • What are the causes and impact of institutional discrimination?
  • What can our organisations and networks do to address this damaging behaviour and culture?
  • How can we ensure our organisations and networks become more inclusive, diverse and equitable?

This webinar will provide a valuable opportunity to explore this topic, reflect on how it relates to our organisations and communities and to question how we can dismantle this corrosive phenomenon.

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Phone: 0429330288