How to Spark Innovation in your People

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How to Spark Innovation in your People


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Cost: FREE For Dundalk Chamber members and €10 plus vat for non members

How to advance the business from home

“We can run the business from home…. But we are not advancing it from home”

“When we’re working from home, its like we’re treading water. We’re not sinking, but we’re not really go-
ing forwards either”.

There are challenges that a lot of business leaders are facing at the moment.

If we can’t get everyone in the same room..

  • How do we have the strategic discussions?
  • How can we collectively solve the problems?
  • How do we enable the people to be innovative, creative and drive the business forwards?

During this session, Simon Hartley (Globally respected sport psychology consultant and worldclass performance coach.) will share a simple five step solution approach that allows businesses and organisations to answer these questions whilst remote working. We’ll discover how they create a virtual environment that enables strategic discussion, creative thinking and collective problem solving.

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