Diva Unleashed

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Diva Unleashed


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Cost: €15

Join Evelyne Bourton in her honest and witty one woman Cabaret about the cliques of the operatic soprano voice types, the demands on a soprano/entertainer today and all the different hats she has to wear. Opening in full flight the audience is taken by surprise as the Diva then breaks into witty banter, to commence on a fun, charming, energetic show with great singing looking at the vast colours, characters and variety of female characters in theatre…..From a crazy mother in the Queen of the Night, to the free spirited Gypsy in Carmen, popular Italian songs through to the musicals of present day and the hilarity of Cole Porter with some Irish in the mix.

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Phone: 0429332332
Email: linda@antain.ie