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The term ‘Sales Pitch’ has become ubiquitous. “you need to perfect your sales pitch” etc. In truth, Selling and Pitching are very different things: the term ‘Sales Pitch’ is an oxymoron. To use the techniques of selling when you should be pitching will lead to some poor results: Whereas pitching when you should be selling will lead to truly disastrous results.

Guest Speaker: Paul Reavey, Brilliant Red Ltd

This session will focus on what the difference in the two is and in what circumstances they should be used. It will include:

  • The key differences in Selling and Pitching
  • The structure of a classic sales encounter
  • The core sales skills
  • When to Pitch
  • How to Pitch effectively

Paul Reavey started selling in 1990 and has been doing it pretty much ever since. He is the Managing Director of Brilliant Red Ltd and a Director of Brilliant Red Digital Ltd; marketing and digital marketing consultancy practices respectively, working in Ireland North and South, Scotland, England and Europe.

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